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2013-03-03 - 12:15 a.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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The Corridors of Power arrived yesterday - a very good copy considering it cost me 1p. I read it on the train today. The departmental sections feel very familiar but that is fun. The social aspects are rather less familiar. I am not sure yet what I make of CPS as a writer. I finished an article yesterday on Obama's State of the Union speech.

Today I went to hear the free performance of Mahoganny Songspiel at RFH - part of TRiN. I got there in good time and got a couple of seats in the 2nd row. This event was much more popular than Pierrot Lunaire.

MS was written in 1927 and was the first collaboration between Brecht and Weill. It was written as a trial for the material that would be developed into a full musical/opera. It includes the Doors song about the next whisky bar. There are four male parts and two female. The music is provided by a cabaret band. Steff got there from her course just in time.

We went back to Queens Road to eat. Martin showed up from a reading of Beckett at the Barbican and we chatted over supper. He gave me a lift to Paddington in his new Prius.

Communicate and Mirror Interlude are new on the Widget.

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