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2013-02-28 - 6:34 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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Outback arrived today. I like my first Joe Farrell album from the start of the 70s a great deal. It is a 4tet album but thoroughly all star and is filled with marvellous playing. Outback is from the same period and has an equally stellar cast with Elvin Jones on drums and Chick Corea on piano. Miles' percussionist also plays. The title track is film music and has multi-tracked JF on flutes and piccolos - a pure delight. I saw JF and Elton Jones at R Scott's at this time - I think Jimmy Garrison was on bass. They made such an impact that I decided I would never make it as a jazz improviser. The Coltrane 4tet had that effect on a lot of people in terms of defining commitment in artistic endeavour - and the trio was one half of the 4tet plus JF. The new album is recorded by RV Gelder.

Today I went to SitC - it was good for me to get out of the house. The Kanter Singers - mezzo and sop - were with Gavin and a viola player. There was a lot of Brahms in the programme, some Msson, some F Bridge which sounded good and some miniatures by Schlein who was new to me. His stuff comes quite close to Broadway song but none the worse for that. In fact he was assistant to Kurt Weill which makes him pretty fascinating - I am hearing some KW on Saturday. I found a new pub on London Wall which offers excellent sandwiches. I came home on the Circle Line to Hammersmith.

I am still pressing ahead with DP on LW and have finished his initial overview section. Now it is down to the detail of the Tractatus.

I have extended my scale idea in a way which looks likely to offer several new pieces. Interval and Retailers' Ability are new on the Widget today.
Gavin and I have arranged to go and see Rausch, Johns, Cage, Merce etc at the Barbican,

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