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2012-12-31 - 9:11 p.m.

Derry and Warminstrel are new today. I have been rather sociable since Friday - very unusual for me.

On Friday I got the coach to the Park+Ride to meet Paul and Bette so we could travel together to visit Cleo in Bourton on the Water. The Windrush river was very full. I went back with them to Brill and we watched the 2nd part of Restless.

Saturday morning I got a coach from the P+R to Victoria Station for a very reasonable 10. Jonathan and I met in the usual place and talked for most of the afternoon. Back in Heston my sister drove me to Windelsham for Anne's 50th birthday party in the local pub. The music was provided by a competent covers band from Haselmere.

Sunday I left about 11am to get the tube to Marylebone. The return ticket to Lye was only 27.50. I arrived around 3.30pm to meet HJA. In the evening we ate in a local Balti house - great value for money. We spent quite a lot of time today looking at French poets. I caught the 3.00pm train from Lye and was back in Heston about 7.30pm. HJA gave me an excellent set of mp3s on a DVD.

With there being wifi in so many more places - on the coach to Victoria and on the London-Birmingham train - I am gradually getting the hang of putting more apps on the BB.

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