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2012-12-26 - 7:16 p.m.

Tin and Fizzer are new today. We have run out of space on this page - something needs to be done but I m not sure what. There are some new tunes on the other page.

Noisetrash mailed today and I found my way to The Hollow Threads from Pasadena who are an electronic music trio. I downloaded their stuff but havent yet made up my mind whether to shift their album across to the BB. On the same page was an album by Rachael Yamagata. For six years she sang in the Chicago jazz-funk Bumpus. I listened to some of her subsequent solo albums on Spotify wondering if they are over-arranged. The download is nicely sparse and is likely to get onto the BB pretty soon.

I am glad we are about to enter into the 3rd day of xmas.

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