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2013-01-04 - 7:55 p.m.

Everything at the top of the Widget is either new or what we call composite - a mix of less well played tunes from much earlier on this page. Composites are the ones with the longer titles.

I have had a cold since Wednesday. On Tuesday I had lunch at a table of five whose combined ages almost came to 400. The latter part of Wednesday got abandoned.

On Thursday I watched the Daniel Craig film about jews on the run in Bellorusse which was based on real historical events. I am surprised it isnt better known. That part of Europe is now protected as aboriginal forest.

I have been downloading new effects - reverb, phaser and chorus - and using them on earlier Dhorn tracks. I need to get to a post office. I watched most of Ghost Dog and was very impressed - probably the best Jim Jarmusch film I have seen. GD plays a CD in the stolen car with some solo sax on it. I see the MD is Jay Rabinowitz - I suppose I could write to him about it. He is a major editor so he might get a lot of enquiries of this sort. The soundtrack album isnt recommended.

I listened to all the M Bragg programmes on Culture. I liked the stuff on Leavis Snow and Arnold. He touched on Culture Wars but didnt get into the Sokal affair. I have been thinking about Kuhn having slowly made progress with his summary book. He emerges as mainstream - just a logical step from Wittgenstein, Quine and others. He is also a member of the Harvard elite.

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