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2012-12-20 - 9:57 p.m.

Standard & Algorithm are not long posted on here. Today I have started work on our other RN page. I paired 3 sets of tunes to create more space on the page. We are about to run out of space on this page. I have been downloading some new synths and some effects as well. I found a really good compressor but to get it to work properly I have to pay $70. I found a second compressor which is free and not too bad. I also found a modulator which is rather fierce.We have been at no 50 in the RN London Classical chart for a few days.

Tuesday afternoon I met Rob in the Marquess of Angelsey in the middle of the afternoon. After a few pints we moved onto the Old Bank of England in the Strand that was quieter and grander to eat. We managed to stay right until closing time. It was the first time I had been out for about five days with the exception of the foray to get some more Polish beer on Saturday evening.

Tomorrow I am going to Brill. I will also go there a week tomorrow and then on the next day get a coach to Victoria to meet up with Jonathan. I mailed out some festive mp3s today - my version of an e-Xmas card.

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