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2012-12-16 - 3:08 p.m.

Renewable and Gambling are fresh today. We are back in the top 50 of RN's London Classical Chart. So sad that the Killing has come to an end - there has to be a 4th series.

Starting with Gilbert's album with Bruce Arnold I went on to BA's band Spooky Actions. Yesterday I bought their first album in mp3 for less than 5. I sent a couple of tracks to Gilbert and he agrees that there are similarities in their sound.

The album is devoted to short pieces by Webern - two works - the 5 sentences for SQ and the 6 Canons to Latin texts. In each case the W original is arranged for jazz 4tet. Most of the pieces are then taken as the basis of improvisations which sound very good to me. The lead voice is generally sax, clarinet or flute. There are some very good uses of guitar FX to represent some of the more extreme SQ sounds. I have put the album on my BB so I can study it in detail.

Jonathan posted on FB a vid of the games music concert that he was part of in AD. It seems to be some kind of global tour which mounts a concert in suitable locations. I think they enlist local orchestras but they must transport the staging which includes (of course) projections of computer gaming.

SA have also done Schoenberg's Op25 Piano Pieces which are tough music to present. This is the composition where S first deployed serial technique. I will eventually get round to buying this I suspect. I found a free download of all S's solo piano music.

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