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2012-12-23 - 7:15 p.m.

Two new tunes - Breadbin and Satisfactory - at the top of the Widget. I came back from Brill this afternoon - via Boots in the High St as I had lost my glasses while I was away - just before I left in fact. Gilbert has sent ten new tracks yesterday and today.

The reaction to my e-cards with attached mp3s has been positive with lots of good replies. I need to send out some more tomorrow. I was surpised to see that S Stevens was selected as the best Xmas album by the Independent.

The party on Friday evening seemed to go well. I was quite tired by the preparation I d done during the afternoon. What an inditement. Yesterday we went for a meal in the Pheasant to celebrate the successful completion of the celebration the day before. Paul seems to have really enjoyed Moscow especially the blues club he discovered.

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