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2012-10-13 - 10:26 a.m.

Gilbert and I are thinking about how best to promote our album in the run up to 2 Nov when it is released. I have some ideas about how to get reviews without spending a lot of money mailing out CDs on spec. We already have ideas about what approach we could use on another allbum. My latest article on nuclear is out and I have been mailing it round. I have the house to myself for the weekend. Having an album does change the way we look at new pieces as they emerge. I thought Bobbie Whitlock sounded good last night on BBC4. I didnt like Prokoviev's 3rd piano concerto which was on earlier. I did like the clip of K Carpenter singing We've Only Just Begun.

Aluminium and Prolific are new tunes and then there are a couple of tunes which have not had enough plays which sound really good to me.

Julia Wolfe's music live from the RFH was on radio 3. She is classed as post-minimalist and is a founder of Bang on a Can and married to a co-founder. One of her most well known works, Cruel Sister, is inspired by a Pentangle tune. I am pretty impressed.

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