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2012-10-11 - 5:32 p.m.

I am building up a stock of tracks to feed into the Widget in the two weeks starting next Monday when Gilbert is on tour with Scott Walton. The track Memory at the top of the Widget is the most recent. There are also several tracks on display which I have brought forward because they have a low number of plays.

I have applied for an associateship with the UKCES. It took most of yesterday writing answers to the questions they posed - about 1500 words in total. I haven't got much done today.

Paul W sent me the words to the song cycle that he is working on with James McG. They are quite abstract.

Debussy is composer of the week on R3. Today we got up to the first book of Preludes, Jeux and Syrinx which started life as incidental music for a play.

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