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2012-10-15 - 4:57 p.m.

Durban is a track created yesterday. I am told by a couple of people that it represents a new direction in GI-IC music. I have been practicising the tenor recorder, playing the cycle of fifths to improve my ability to play chromatic patterns. I have spent forever practicising this harmonic idea and what I am trying to do is pretty solidly in my mind. I just need to get my fingers to know the pattern as well in recorder fingering. There are some counterintuitive points like playing a Bb7 arpeggio in the upper octave. To go from Bb to Ab means taking a finger off rather than adding a finger.

I watched Homeland last night and was pretty impressed. I need to get to the Polish shop today.

There is new track at the top of the Widget that has been pulled up from neglect. I think the majority of the tunes visible fall into that category. I have listened through and it seems the tunes on display are quite OK.

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