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2012-09-21 - 6:08 p.m.

Do try the ten new tunes at the top of the Widget. Looking for something else I found a stereo jack to phono lead which meant I could connect the Behringer to the Zoom via the Behringer external soundcard. This meant I could record on the Zoom the Dhorn played trough the Behringer effects. I started out by exploring the presets and made a tune with 2 separate DH tones which I sent to Gilbert. In fact I sent him 5 tunes today. Two from the parts he sent me last weekend, one as just described and two using recorders, one of which I have only just rediscovered. This new dimension opens a lot of possibilities.

I havent felt like doing very much more practical. I did get two invitations for next Thursday evening both of which I would like to take up - I fear I will have to do the more practical event. The other one is a book launch.

Paul Wheeler has jumped up the RN UK folk charts on the initial interest.

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