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2012-09-23 - 10:02 a.m.

Swoon and Wayfarer are new - from the set of tracks sent last Sunday by Gilbert. There are two further pieces from this set that I sent to him this morning. He says he will send me more today. Yesterday he worked hard putting up a garden fence to keep his dog in.

I have been going through the last 50 pieces on the first RN page. I have remixed some of them as well - a few I have sent over to Gilbert to consider. I am surprised that so many of the tunes from the first half of 2011 sound plausible.

We are still at 47 in the RN London Classical Chart and P Wheeler has risen to 406 in the UK RN Folk Charts. I have been doing more with the DH/Behringer/Zoom rig. Some bits and bobs of work to be getting on with.

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