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2012-09-20 - 8:47 p.m.

I went down to Brighton on the train yesterday and met Mike Sykes to drive over to Buxted to Sue's new house. The house is very impressive and there are two new cats as well - a Siamese and a Marmalade. We went out to eat in Buxted last night to eat. I ate a lot because it tasted so nice. Michael joined us towards the end. I slept very well too.

Earlier in the week I had pitched our music at Audio Networks. I didnt succeed but they sent us a nice note which encourages me to keep trying. We have decided to offer some music via Spaceward Records. We are working on picking some tracks and I have been listening to the first RN collection which has quite a few surprises.

I have finally loaded Paul W's album Rain Over the Island into RN. There have been some positive reactions on FB.

The top 10 tunes in the Widget are all new.

I came back from Lewis around lunchtime.

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