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2012-09-15 - 4:41 p.m.

On RN our band equity has shot up which results in us being at 48 on the London Classical Chart. More new works. May I suggest Doghouse Remix Four, Excavator, Fraud & Strider Remix. The remixes are from tunes posted a few months back which got stuck with 5 or less plays. Remixing might involve adjusting the tempo and EQ. It can be more radical with a change of synth voice, moving parts around or even deleting something. Gilbert and I think these latest remixes are good so why not try them?

Today I listened to 2 SQs on R3 - Mozart's Dmajor K545 and Schubert's Am D 804. The Moz isnt regarded as one of his tops - he was interested in the money and the funds dried up. The Schubert dates from early 1824 - I thought about in relation to the Pno Sonata D784 which is also in Am and was only written a few months earlier. They are both rather withdrawn. I know the PS pretty well having listened to it on mp3, studied the score and ripped off some progressions.

Last night there was a big FC fest on BBC4 - took me back to the early days with Tintagel and White Unicorn. There was a 60s film that the BBC made about the London folk scene which has about a minute's worth of Jackson C Frank. Some of it has voiceover but there are some shots of him performing in Cousins. Arguably there is some Paul Simon singing a song off his first solo album. There is some good Pentangle too sounding very nicely improvised with D Thompson playing the bass with a bow. I enjoyed the R Thompson film too esp the stuff with Linda Peters. I saw them live on what I think was the famous break-up tour at Drury Lane.

I made a piece for Gilbert's attention with Dhorn set on oboe - I added some mild processing. There was only one other part which was quite an old synth. It used one of my new cutdown octotonic 7 note scales. I made a discovery that while the oboe line sticks more or less to the scale, the synth part goes up a minor third which throws the harmonic field into a new configuration. I imagine there will be more of this to come.

Jazz Rcd Rqts played the 20 min live My Man's Gone Now from We Want Miles to commemorate MD's death 21 years ago. Totally stunning. M Miller on electric bass too.

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