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2012-09-14 - 8:18 p.m.

There s a lot of new music in the Widget - Iranian, Niche, Rudder, Champion & Niche. I have started listening to the Leeds Piano Competition finals on R3. I caught the some of the solo performances including some romantic pieces I didnt know. I think listening to a competition involves a special kind of listening. We are still in the RN London Classical Top 50 and have put on a couple of fans this week. I dont find the new RN stats very helpful.

I have not really been that productive apart from music but next week and the week after look more action-packed. I have run out of Polish beer

I am listening to R Towner in Oregon on Gilbert's suggestion. I am surprised he is so old and that he started his career as a pianist influenced by Bill Evans. It is quite something to bring that approach to the guitar. I have been trying to track down the offending Closer fotos but have not had much luck.

I have been looking into the history of trust - I found a good article on the subject which included a neat summary of Steve Shapin's take on Boyle. I also heard A Sen on R3 last night being deeply rationalist.

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