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2012-09-16 - 2:49 p.m.

Two new tunes at the top of the Widget - Druid and Fiction. I sent Gilbert 2 more tunes today and that uses up all the material he sent a week ago. Today he sent me some more before going out for the day. We are at 47 in the RN London Classical Charts which also cheers me.

Andrew K is sending me the single of the next AK+Otherworld album which will be issued in April. I mailed Mark G about mp3s. I listened to more Oregon and really liked the oboe playing. You can hear how they develop some fusion jazz approaches from the 70s in the direction of world jazz.

Wendy sent some stuff which I turned into a message for Linkedin - one of several messages including something about fast growing hitec firms. A tweet or two as well. I managed to get to the Polish shop yesterday so beer stocks have improved. The Leeds Piano winner is announced today. I just loved the Thick of It.

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