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2012-08-06 - 10:05 p.m.

Gilbert is back from France and has resent the material from Sunday week. Normal, Impressed, Favour, Taxes and Residence are all from that tranche. Various others are on the stocks. Try some of them. On Saturday I watched some of Control which looked very well made.

The rest of my August looks like it is mainly going to be supply chain work. There might be a lunch the week after next and the Saturday of the next week there s a business meeting. 12 September is D-Day for one of the projects.

I listened to some of Bernstein's Mass which was broadcast from the Proms. It dates from the early 70s and is said to be symptomatic of the era. It is a discursive exploration of the Catholic Mass on a grand scale. I mailed Bette wondering whether her Thame choir might attempt this. Just now a young German SQ are playing Debussy.

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