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2012-08-09 - 12:55 p.m.

Three new pieces at the top of the Widget, all from the tranche of tracks Gilbert sent about 10 days ago. On RN we actually entered the London Classical Top 50 one day this week. Then we slipped back so do try the new pieces to see if it can take us back into the Top 50.

PW is teaching a young Frenchman who recommended A Tobin - I have tried AT on Spotify and rather like his post drumnbass approach. Also listening to EBTG 90s collection. I also listened to some electric J Martyn and thought what an innovator he must be.

Someone posted Poor Boy as done by a trio in the TiA fest. I thought it was pretty good and entered into a bit of dialogue which ended me posting the Iguana essay on that song.

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