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2012-08-04 - 12:15 p.m.

Today was my father's birthday - in 1908. Also Diana's birthday. Gilbert is still in Dunkirk. I managed to go out and get some Polish beer yesterday.Free thirty three (or two) is a composite of works we removed when we were running out of space.

I was late in producing an Am drone for Andrew K but he seems to like what eventually appeared. Bill has been asking for a flute piece for a while and I eventually sent him one yesterday. He thought it sounded like Bolling - something I hadnt thought of but I can see the link. He also produced a looped saxophone track which sounded to me like early Terry Riley - around the time of Music for the Gift. This track was very easy to work with.

I rather regret that I didnt realise that the Triathlon was free to view this morning.

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