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2012-07-17 - 11:35 a.m.

Umbrella is a new piece using synthetic voices - do give it a try.

Yesterday I left around 5pm after a fairly dozy day - destination the House of Commons. The security process to gain entrance is now the same as at the airport except that policeman carry it out - extremely politely. Once through that I went through Westminster Hall and the Central Lobby and then up the stairs to the corridor of committee rooms looking for no 12. I took quite a few fotos which no one seemed to mind - they are now posted on my FB page.

I sat at the back at the side, the scruffiest person in the room. Eventually the speeches started - Rachel Reeves who was a bit political for me, the Francis O Grady about to become the Gen Sec of the TUC who was great and finally Vince Cable. The big excitement was his line on regional pay in the public sector which was not the same as what the Conservatives have been saying.

At the end some people went across to the Westminster Arms - I was in two minds whether to go but I did in the end and ended up being quite sociable. Quite an exciting evening that improved as it went on.

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