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2012-07-15 - 9:16 p.m.

Two new pieces at the top of the Widget - Despatch and Shoulder - leaning towards the more avant garde side.

Yesterday afternoon on radio 4 there was a Pinter play, Betrayal. It comes from his Memory Series where the theme includes how people shape their vesions of the past. The scenes in the play ran from later to earlier. It made me think of how Pinter came across in the 60s when I was young and first came across his work on TV.

Later I watched the first half of the teen vampire movie on C4. I could see how it came to be such a big hit and spawn a series. Also saw some of Henry IV part 2.

Today I set out at 11 am for Victoria. After lunch we went down to Westminster Pier and bought tickets for the circular trip. We got off at St Katharines dock and walked round for an hour or so. Then got the boat back to the pier. There was a great deal to photograph. Tonite I missed Pelleas and Mellisande at the Proms - it doesnt look as if this going to be on listen-again.

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