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2012-07-18 - 2:57 p.m.

Umbrella is a new piece using synthetic voices - do give it a try.

I have started recording the recorder on the Zoom H1. Two pieces are on the stocks - one where the part is double tracked a 5th down and a second where the line is put through a phaser and some fast delay. I heard some recorder jazz on Jazz Record Requests and thought it might be worth a try. One of the aspects is that I am currently thinking in highly chromatic lines - based on the way I write in the Sony. The low chromatics on the recorder aren t the easiest to hit and so I have been practicising in that zone. On a piece yesterday the puppy next door joined in and ended up on the track - I have left him on. Gilbert says we should give him a credit.

Line of Duty was as exciting as ever in episode 4.

I heard the last half of the Proms performance of My Fair Lady - a show I saw as a child in the 50s. The reviews of the concert were ecstatic. The arrangements were over seen by Andre Previn. I looked up Lowe and found he discovered that he studied under Busoni in Berlin. He and his father went to the US in the 20s. He didnt meet Lerner until the early 40s.

Currently the next Proms is being broadcast. In particular I am listening to John Adams LA music which is rather better than I anticipated. He says he is writing in the US tradition of jazz symphonic. The music intends to evoke the LA of the 40s and early 50s.

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