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2012-07-14 - 1:14 p.m.

Quality is a relatively new piece with an unusual timbre and structure.

Last night I watched the first night of the Proms. Too much Elgar and not the best choice from M Tippet. I was left wondering about the Delius piece which was from his early maturity in the first decade of the 20th century - very much the period of the piano pieces by Debussy that I am listening to. Previously I had watched some of the BBC4 programme about Vn Williams which I have seen before. The 4th Symphney caught my attention again, also Flos Campi.

Some positive initial reactions on my marketing suggestions, also a plan for Sunday lunch and afternoon. Bette has rung up with a suggestion we go to an arts fair next Friday. Loquat put a free mp3 out of their latest cover which sounds delightful.

Mark Pavey posted an article from the Paris Review about ND at J Martyn's house. Paul W crops up at the end of the piece.

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