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2012-06-12 - 5:02 p.m.


One new piece at the top of the Widget here. Last night I broke my glasses as I set out to meet Peter C in Soho Sq. I found that I could still see if I held the relevant half of the broken glasses up to my stronger eye. After a while I had the illusion that I was reading through both eyes.

I was early so I stopped off for a cup of coffee in Frith St. Peter was on time and then in traditional manner we went to the Pillars of Hercules in Greek St. The English restaurant that we have used a couple of times has disappeared and so we went to a traditional Italian. As ever Peter has managed to secure some interesting and prestigious work.

This morning I went down to Boots and bought some new reading glasses slightly stronger than the broken pair. Very good fun the are too.

Paul and Bette rang this morning to wish me Happy Birthday. Paul is afflicted with something that used to be caused St Anthony's Fire which he is treating with strong drugs. I sent Gilbert a new piece

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