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2012-06-09 - 3:12 p.m.


Two new pieces in the widget today - we rather like them so do give them a go. I have a target for the Widget - that the average no of plays for each piece should be 10 or more. That means that the total number of plays should be 1810 or more. In fact the total is a bit short - well about 55 short to be precise. I published an article yesterday.

I had been invited to a picnic tomorrow in Kent but some family emergencies mean that it has been called off. There are some tracks from Gilbert to work on. On top of that AK has asked for some synth tones which I have made a start on. Bill has also requested about 30 secs of music which I feel is not going to be that easy to generate.

Some of the Polish beer is 7% strength - I am running out and another trip to the shops is needed.

I have almost finished the setting of the early Dante sonnet which I have been avoiding for months. I have mailed Sue about it.

Apparently Angela Merkel said 'shitstorm' recently in the presence of D Cameron. The Germans have adopted this English word as more useful than any German equivalent.

I got an e-m from Buzzin Fly about the remastering of the 1st 4 EBTG albums. Idlewild sounds brilliant - including the newly released material such as demos and airshots.

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