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2012-06-16 - 12:14 p.m.


It has been a sociable week. Out to supper on Mon and Tues plus a long lunch on Thurs. Then Fri afternoon I took the coach to Oxford on the way to Brill where I am now, having slept very well. My hosts have gone to AnE because of a possible bad reaction to antibiotics. Over lunch on Thurs I asked about Jonathan's research into electron orbits which makes more sense having read the Dirac bio.

Gilbert and I are at 52 in the RN London Classical charts. I have been sending Gilbert developments of the current idea throughout the week. He sent 7 trackd back today which I will start work on on Monday. The contributions to Andrew and Bill seem to have gone OK.

There has been some discussion in the Gtr Circle about Wagner's harmony. I pressed on with the Wagner crit yesterday. His story just seems to get stranger and stranger. There is a a piano here to try out harmonic ideas.

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