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2012-06-07 - 1:05 p.m.


One of the ways I assess the pieces is which span they fall into in the GI-IC RN chart 1 -5 plays, 6 - 10 plays etc. Not many tunes on this classical chart get more than 15 plays. The total has been stuck at 17 such tunes for ages. Strange to say Reference Scheme has reached 15 -plays in just a week. Shows that a clunky title neednt be an impediment. There s a harmonic idea running - I sent one version to Gilbert yesterday and there s another version today. Could also make a gtr solo piece.

I am listening to some 1987 demos from EBTG for Idlewild. Buzzin Fly mailed about them today. Some of them are so delightful even though they are 25 years old. They really hit their stride at that point - not that far into their career. The arrangements are very sophisticated.

I have been talking to Kylee from Loquat about great songs. She asked for suggestions of what songs they might cover. I suggested J Jackson's Its Different for Girls - such a brilliant song that I bought it as a single. Kylee said that they did cover it a long time ago but maybe they should do it with this band.

Dirac is now married to a Hungarian - who could disagree with that.When I was watching Jub-pop concert I mentioned that the SG gtr in T Jones' band sounded good. Various friends and acquaintances seemed to know the guitarist.

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