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2012-06-04 - 6:58 p.m.


Two new pieces in the Widget here. We havent moved on the RN chart today.

Yesterday about 4pm I set off for Queens Park. The trains were quite empty. I was a bit too early and so I got off at Paddington and went to have a glass of wine and look at the river parade on TV. My destination was quite near Queens Park station thankfully as it was tipping down. I had been to the house at the end of the 70s.There were some freshly cooked scones as a welcome.

I didnt know anyone apart from Steff but there were two people from VSO and a neighbour. There was also a very boisterous black cat who looked cute. The house felt familiar. It was still raining when I left. I travelled via Picadilly Circus this time - no sign of any crowds at midnight. Various more tunes on the stocks.

I have pressed on with the Dirac bio. The positron was found by buiding machines to take photographs of cosmic rays. This was taken as the answer to the negative energies that solved his equation. The bio brings out how interested Dirac was in the Soviet experiment. One of his close friend was persecuted by the Soviet authorities. The neutrino was another particle that emerged about the same time. In his 30s he began to loosen up - even started to date a Hungarian.

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