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2012-06-01 - 5:29 p.m.


Three more tunes in the widget here. We are still at 55 on the RN London Classical Chart even though our band equity has jumped up. Gilbert has an infection but lets hope the medicine chases it away.

Erwartung was on radio 3 this afternoon. It sounded more discordant than when I heard it live at Covent Garden. I saw some of the constructions around Buckingham Palace on Tuesday and that may well count as my participation in the Jubilee celebrations.

Yesterday I read the greater part of the book about Wagner and the Erotic. It emerges that Wagner had a silk fetish which he indulged whenever he was composing.

Today the biography of Dirac arrived and I have had my head stuck in this most of the day. I have reached the point where Dirac gets the first ever doctorate in the world on quantum mechanics. He is friendly with Heisenberg but not with Schroedinger and his wave equation.

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