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2012-05-29 - 7:26 p.m.


There are yet 5 more new pieces at the top of the Widget - Gilbert sent more tracks yesterday. We have gone up to 55 on the RN London Classical Chart so thanks for listening to the stuff and do listen to the latest pieces.

I was up early this morning catching the tube before 8am heading for a seminar on skills policy at IPPR. I arrived in time to get a bun, a cup of coffee and a glass of water. I enjoyed the seminar - I always like to listen to Geoff M from NIESR on skills issue. There was also an excellent presentation from a German who represents the organisation which German firms in the UK belong to. I made a point quite early on.

After the seminar I went round to Waterstones for a cup of coffee and then over to the ICA bookshop. In W I saw a biography of Dirac which I was sorely tempted to buy. I strolled down the Mall and looked at the huge stands around the Palace for the Jubilee concert. I was a bit early so I sat in a cafe opposite WHSmiths on Victoria Station. My date arrived on time and we went off to my favourite Turkish restaurant. Half the restaurant was being decorated and so we had to sit outside on the pavement. We had lamb kebabs washed down with a glass of rose.

When I got back to Heston the book on the erotic in Wagner had arrived. It transpires that the end of act 1 of the Vals was always seen as on of his most dirty bits. The music swept 19C listeners along swamping their better judgement until at the end of the scene they found that they had been empathising with incest. They didnt feel very good about this.

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