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2012-06-03 - 11:38 a.m.


We are now at 54 in the London RN Classical Chart and I have put two new pieces at the top of the Widget for you to hear. Gilbert is studying counterpoint.

I have been pressing on with the Dirac bio. By the age of 27 he was an international celebrity and had been round the world with Heisenberg. He had devised a core equation to rival Schroedinger's wave equation. You can find it on Wikipedia. It uses 2 by 2 matrices which aren't that scary. At the moment I am on the bit where Dirac and others are worrying about electrons with negative energies which are implied by his equation.

I know the answer in the sense that these values are taken to predict anti-matter, in particular the positron. I think it is in the thirties that someone manages to observe one - proving that Dirac's maths are correct.

You might think that Dirac was committed to the truth of mathematics but his first degree was in Electrical Engineering which uses lots of quick and dirty methods. Exactly how Dirac thought up his equations is a secret he kept to himself. However it seems that he used projective geometry. We just dont know what he was projecting onto what.

He had become a fellow of St Johns and had rooms in the Victorian building over the Bridge of Sighs.

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