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2012-04-29 - 2:07 p.m.


Two new pieces at the top of the Widget which are a move away from the free jazz style which the more recent pieces adopted. There hasnt been much activity since the seminar last Monday - the weather hasn t been very encouraging. i did publish a new article on Wednesday.

Jonathan sent a mp4 of his choir singing a Rachmaninov vesper - only an initial runthrough but I tidied it up and sent it back as an mp3. People who I have sent it to are very impressed as am I. The Pynk Moon mag arrived yesterday which is an interesting read - I wonder whether to offer to write something for it.

Just now R3 has a violin concert featuring solo Bach, a Handel sonata and Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata. I enjoyed episodes three and four the Bridge last night. I imagine I will watch the repeats if I get the chance. My Schubert piano sonatas still haven't arrived.

I bought my first mp3 download this week - Halou's first album which cost only $6 on their website. They fit the template of Californian electro-indie bands of the last two decades with a female lead singer. I also heard the new Loquat album - I wonder whether it contains anything to rival some of the classic songs on their earlier albums.

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