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2012-05-04 - 3:40 p.m.


About five new pieces at the top of the Widget here. Gilbert sent me some tracks on Tuesday - a day I spent in Victoria. I also bought some new Polish beers on the way back eg Zubr. My employment position has regularised which is energising. I have been working through the tracks gradually. I was in two minds whether to go and see Marcus Miller at RFH tonite and will probably regret that I didnt. A lot of dates in May have gone into the diary esp the stretch between 11 and 16 May.

I enjoyed voting yesterday - all that choice. But the wait for the results is rather disappointing. Neither of my votes in the Mayoral election looks as if it is going to count towards the final result. I need to knock out a 400 word article which I have been going slow on. I think I will do it this weekend. A good paper by Ewart at SKOPE has arrived.

I have been listening to the Cm and Bb piano sonatas of Schubert which arrived from Naxos and which I have loaded onto the BB. I have downloaded the scores. The Cm is not as dark as the Am in my estimation. I also heard a couple of Beethoven SQs on radio 3 this week - Op 18 no 4 and the final one (number 16). I think this stuff sounds so much better than the symphonies.

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