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2011-12-05 - 8:08 p.m.

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Andrew K is happy with the Em track and I have played around with it a bit and sent it to Gilbert. Today has been a low energy day - I spent most of it listening to Live at the Village Vanguard, the complete sessions which is hardly low energy music. We covered a lot of ground yesterday. There are several takes on I Heard it on the Radio in the Widget above. I think they sound OK - also the next few pieces. Alice Jemima said 'thanks' but I have a big mixing task on our remix of her version. There is also another derivative of IHIOTR that I am holding back from. One reason I have dug into this song, I think, is the way it homes in on September.

The second page was set up on RN to make room for new pieces on the first page (above) and I made the second page from pieces which had had less than 20 plays so far although they were posted earlier than October. But now I have run out of pieces in that category - all the pieces on page 1 with less than 20 plays are recent. So I have started putting new pieces on the 2nd page and indeed three versions of a piece called Guess went up on page 2 yesterday. Guess comes from my application of softsynths to three MIDI lines which Gilbert made. He has since told me what the right instrumentation is. He has found some good patches in Sibelius - esp the tailgate trombone (which is on Guess). I have discovered the arpeggiator on the latest softsynth.

I have been in a discussion group started by Richard Chapman and we have been talking about scales and modes. I threw in an idea yesterday about a scale which goes E F F# G Bb B C Db - there was a bit of interest in it. Anyway having started this hare running I thought I had better use it on something. I finished it off today and sent a couple of mixes to Gilbert - its called Chapman. I have also listened to the Ravel A minor trio on Youtube - what a piece that is.

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