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2011-12-03 - 7:41 p.m.

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I has a first shot at Andrew K's Em ambience today and mailed it off to him with the question whether it was too chromatic. I also put a few changes onto the version I have made of Alice Jemima's cover of I heard it on the Radio. I mailed her to say what I was up to and mailed the track to Gilbert - I like the way the doubling a fifth down sounds. There is still one IHIOTR derivative on the stocks. I discovered that Helen Werling had listened to some GI-IC material so I approached her through various media.

Spotify seems to be taking over even with those irritating ads - there s an interview with Feist about Metals. I listened to some John Martyn, EBTG and the Third album of Portishead which really is a piece of work. I am not a fan of December. I got into some philosophical discussion on LI which led me to Galen Strawson and his strange ideas about the self.

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