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2011-12-02 - 6:37 p.m.

stand alone player

We have been doing well in the classical charts with the new RN page. We broke into the London Classical top 50 today and have been in the Global Classical Hot top 10 for 3 days running. The tunes on this new page are all ones which haven t done well on the main page - above. Maybe that isnt a good reason to call them classical but they do sound to me fairly interesting. I have been playing around with the Inara George tracks for a couple of days. I used a phrase from A Love Supreme on one of them. A tooth broke this week. I have paid a couple of debts and so I am overdrawn. The new article on HPW has been issued. Lamb are playing in Zagreb tonight. HJ's cat had a nasty start to the day I hear.

My diary for Dec is very empty apart from going to hear Elijah on 10 Dec - Mendelssohn wrote it for Birmingham in 1846 but he was referring back to Handel and J S Bach. Charles and Andy are at the Q Club on 17 Dec. The B&B have a Xmas track.

By the way the first track on the Widget has some IG vocals.

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