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2011-12-06 - 5:41 p.m.

I wrote another piece on that eight note scale and mailed it to Gilbert - also a mix of the Alice Jemima version of IHIOTR. I read somewhere that the Bird and the Bee are pleased with the remixes that are being entered into the competition. I also pared down the last piece based on this source which I think harks back to Philly soul. I think another tooth is about to fall out. The next step with the A-J mix is to see if she is happy for it to be posted on our RN page. I looked at some fotos of the Lamb tour - I wonder if they are still having fun?

I found a Japanese vid of the DH500 being demonstrated on Youtube - an excellent player. There was also a celebration of Ben and Jason on FB - I thought they sounded better than ever. Somebody posted BnJ performing at the R Kirby memorial concert - I was crazy not to go to that. I listened to some of Beth Orton's 2006 album which I thought was really good. I have turning over in my mind whether the Akai 4000s or the Akai USB would be a better buy. There s some nice music on Youtube with the Akai 4000s.

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