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2011-11-11 - 4:40 p.m.

Not much diary writing this week. On Tuesday I went to a lunchtime seminar at IPPR on Nudge theory and practice. It was a good event in that the people presenting were obviously the people who know the subject. I was less than totally impressed by the subject. There is a free book by one of the presenters at the Bloomsbury website. Apparently they make so much money from Harry Potter that they can afford to give some academic books away. - it s called Nudge Nudge Think Think.

I have written most of the next article and I have also been exchanging some thoughts and contacts with Tess at IPPR who was sitting next to me at the SKOPE apprenticeship last Friday at Church House.

Just today Gilbert sent 6 tracks over - 5 have been mixed and are at the start of the Widget above. One is pending approval and I have worked a separate piece on one of Gilbert's tracks. He is still having trouble with Sibelius but the GM synth he uses sounds OK to me.

There were jams on Tuesday and Wednesday that I didnt manage to get to. On Sunday at the QEH, Carla Bley and Steve Swallow are appearing. I have seen them both before but SS is a particular favourite as he is on the Jimmy Guiffre free trio recordings that are an antecedent of what the GI/IC venture is about. The other musician in that trio is Paul Bley who used to be married to Carla. Maybe I have left it too late to book?

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