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2011-11-13 - 5:05 p.m.

stand alone player

Last night I watched some of MD 5tet playing in Kahlsruhe 44 years ago. They are all amazing but W Shorter is better even than that. After about three tracks I had to get the Dhorn out and record a line into MIDI. This has become a piece with three synths a fourth and a flat fifth apart. One of Gilbert's tracks from yesterday has been added - also some of a flute part I have made for Bill in NC. It should come across as a different sounding piece - quite a big band. I havent sent it to Gilbert yet. He is doing a recital in about an hour. But I have sent another piece which is a quartet made from one of the other parts he sent yesterday. There are two recycled parts pieces up on the Widget above - Entitle & Leon. Gilbert tells me that the latter was his father's name - this was a coincidence. There are two parts from yesterday still to be recycled. All six of the original pieces from yesterday are also loaded in the Widget - so 8 new pieces there to be sampled. I am promoting them two at a time on FB. The plays on RN have jumped nicely. I made it out to the PS yesterday.

I heard Andrew Motion's poems for Remday - I thought they were OK - def the sort of poem that would be easy to set. Paul W responded to my question about Birdy - he was very positive. I enjoyed part one of the George bio. The covers that followed were surprisingly good eg Sandie Shaw singing Day Tripper to a BBC big band, Petula Clark completely reworking Sgt Pepper. The classic vid of Joe Cocker was indeed classic - must be one of the best Beatles' covers ever. It was good to hear Eric talking about George and fascinating to hear that the classic gtr lick from And I Love Her was pulled out of the air by George in the studio - how could that song ever have existed without it?

I listened to the H James dramatisation on R4 - they used Deb's Plus Que Lent but mixed it with other of his early piano pieces. Tonight is Open Mike in Gt Miss but no one is around in Brill. I have three MD 5tet pieces in a performable state - Iris, Vonetta and Nefertitti. If I was performing them I d do them as a medley finishing with Nef and in the introduction I d explain the link to Hejira. On the Miss M site they have a good extract from the vid about Miles at the IoW - including some good chunks of her being interviewed about MD generally.

I have downloaded the remastered Autobahn album. We are almost out of space on RN but have worked out a way forward. Janet sent an invite to her Tea Box gig on 27 Nov - David Mitchell is playing tenor. He used to sit in with the White Hart band.

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