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2011-10-30 - 12:46 p.m.

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I am sure I wrote a diary piece yesterday but I can t find it anywhere. It seems Janet's gig at the tea shop may have sold - I thought it was going to be in the afternoon at tea time but it s in the evening. The sore throat is back today. Gilbert is back from the US where he had a great time. I have been to the Polish Shop today for more Guiness. Last night I watched Halloween with particular attention to the film music. There is a lead that has been hanging around on the floor which I thought didnt work but it seems I was wrong. I used it to record in real time from the Arp softsynth to the Zoom which seemed to work well. Then I tried it connecting the Dhorn to the sound box. I can t get the level on the Dhorn right and so the recording overloads - which can be sorted a bit with the GE but it s not ideal. I have been using the DH part and the Arp part in a re-arrangement of the Sappho Frags. Gilbert thinks no 1 has come off best - it s funny how this is usually the one that is preferred.

I have been thinking about symmetrical patterns - like the whole tone or octotonic scale. Miles uses one of these in the B section of So What. I wrote a piece with one today. Gilbert has a lot of material to listen to so I havent sent him that piece yet. It seems with Musicstation you get mp3s of yout 10 most played tracks - presumably to download to your mp3 player. I will be curious to see what my most popular tracks have been and what I can think of doing with them.

I have found the way to look at the all time play totals for the RN tracks.I am promoting two of the least played early tracks on FB. Maybe I should think about some kind of remix?

It was great to see W Zevon on TOTP2 last night, talking of whioh I am listening to his producer's Time the Conqueror.

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