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2011-10-28 - 5:23 p.m.

Music news

There are some guitar harmonies I am working on where a perfect fourth over an augmented fourth are kept fixed on the middle strings and the bass note moves below in semitone steps. I made yet another piece starting in this way and I need to check whether I am getting repetitive. I downloaded Time the Conqueror by J Browne. Someone put a link to cat and kitten vids on Twitter. Tonight I could have gone to a lecture on Spare in Peckham but I wasnt sure it was a great idea yet in health terms but I still might buy the lecturer's bio of Spare. Janet has a gig in Richmond on Sunday evening. There s a seminar in Oxford that I dont think I'm going to on Tuesday and day-long study day on Friday in Church House with the same crew on a topic much closer to my interests. I sent a draft article on skills to HQ today. I have had a look at the latest viewing stats. Jonathan mailed from UAE - he goes to Nepal next Thursday.

I still havent posted on Mach and Hume but I have got involved in the question of whether what lies between the elctron orbits and the atom's nucleus is space. It isn't immediately obvious that it is - but equally if it isn't what on earth is it?

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