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2011-10-26 - 7:19 p.m.

My cold won t shift, in particular the sore throat. I am trying Guiness today which means at least I managed to get out of the house to the PS. Last night I went to bed in time to hear the Archers and woke around 2.30am. I got up and did some e-mails and then went back to bed until around 6.00am. Andrew K mailed and asked for 5 mins of ambience in Am. I used 3 different synths on the 3 notes of the chord. There was some overall variation in level and also some cyclical modulation. I sent it off to Andrew and also developed the sounds a bit further with the idea it might be a piece for Gilbert. Rob mailed to say that he and Wendy are going to Porto at the end of the week and Wendy mailed to say that she liked the article on global pharma. Peter C proposing a Saturday lunchime meeting in Solo early in November.

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