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2011-11-01 - 10:43 a.m.

I watched the Halloween sequel last night - interesting that they had attempted to re-record the original score - and the prequel to the Ginger wierwolf film which I thought was rather good. Earlier I had lunch with Sue in Pimlico - my first outing for a week. I downloaded the first three SS from LastFM and tried a remix of the Sappho frags which I mentioned to Gilbert. I also said that I was really impressed by the quality of the recording. I think it must be down to the 2003 Cubase that I was using, esp the GM softsynth. I don t think I'm going to Oxford today. The skills article has gone to the printers. I am listening to the Sade greatest hits.

One tune on the stocks at the moment is Diggers where I keep swapping the Minimoog setting on the bass plant. I have found the Midi cable for the Dhorn. There is a new music festival at the ICA starting this Thursday. I have been working through the RN plays ranking picking old tracks that are still near the bottom of the table. I looked up the diary entries for the 2004 NDfest.

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