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2011-10-22 - 11:52 a.m.

stand alone player

I am listening to the Bird and the Bee's homage to D Hall & J Oates with lots of old synthy sounds. I have been playing with softsynths ancient synths a lot in the last few days. The Mininmoog is really hard to beat for flexibility and control especially a version that has a few new tweaks. I decided to download the Essential DH&JO anyway - some of it is remastered but not all. Yesterday I had a spell of going back to earlier pieces and remixing them with some of the new old softsynths. Some new pieces appeared as well. I have mailed several mixes to Gilbert in MA. I think some of this stuff is OK.

This has not been a sociable week and in fact I have only been out to the PS. A cold arrived which meant I didnt go and see PC or to BIS for a briefing. When I apologised to Penny it turned out that she couldnt make the gig either and Ben had handled the vocals. There isnt anything in the diary until Sunday week when Janet is singing in Richmond although I suppose it must be the Jazz Market this Wednesday. Temperamental still hasnt arrived. I am wondering about Enescu. Maybe I should link the Arp up to SMS?

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