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2011-10-21 - 4:25 p.m.

I became captivated with Sade watching a vid on Youtube of her performing live in San Diego in the early 90s. Now I have downloaded both a large greatest hits album and her most recent album. One issue is whether she is limited in the topics she chooses to write about and indeed whether this limitation stems from the hauteur which she projects very effectively on stage. The jury is still out. The latest album does tackle more grown-up subjects. I played Smile by LNY and also Idlewild by EBTG - they are both reliable favourites which dont hang around long - over too fast. The Energy article is now on the net here:


Someone has asked whether I covered all these topics - I m afraid so. I have been churning out pieces - I sent a couple to Gilbert today. He said to keep on mailing and he would pick them up in the USA. And I sent him two further remixes of one of them - these come very easily with so many softsynths to hand. I am writing a lot of fourpart harmony - also using a lot of electronic percussion loops. There is a sense in which the thickened lines are not meant to be taken seriously. More discussions of the vid in Durham which will be using our music.

Also listening to some of Feist's new album - word had it that she was great performing live in London earlier this week.

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