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2011-10-23 - 6:02 p.m.

I have been / am listening to P Glass's Music in 12 Parts which I had not heard before downloading it yesterday. I am impressed. It is the equivalent of SR's 18 Musos in that it is a major composed work using all the minimalist ideas that had been aquired over the previous 8 years or so. The PG I like is the early linear additive stuff and this is not the same but it is very atmospheric. Amazingly it is for only 5 musicians but there is some doubling. There is quite a good note about it on the Nonesuch version.

I went to bed early and woke early. I got up and looked through the articles and the Twitter stream wondering how it could all be developed. Eventually I got round to trying a few pieces including one for nylon stringed gtr and synth. The cold is rather annoying and I am trying some novel treatment eg Bekerovna which is a Czech aperitif with a herbal dimension plus London Pride plus possibly Tequila.

I recorded a sketch on the nylon gtr using the Zoom - I think this idea could go further. I watched some of the Hurt Locker on ITV. It was good but I dropped out before the end. I woke in the night to catch some World Service theology which was rather good.

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