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2011-10-01 - 9:44 p.m.

I have just listened to Tacita Dean's sound art about Berlin. I have heard one of her works on this subject before - in fact when it got to the end I realised I had heard it 2002 - making it the first piece of sound art I heard. Yesterday evening I went to a private view at the John Latham gallery in Peckham. The exhibition was devoted to JL and to Spare. There could have been more Spare stuff on show but at least one got a bit of an idea about him. I was tempted by the bio of Augustus Osman Spare which was on sale for 25 - a very nicely produced book. I have since found that it is available through Amazon for 16.47. There is a new Feist album out. Peckham was rather jolly on a warm evening. I completed a piece round something Gilbert sent me this week - adding some bass and some percussion. I sent it to him.

For some reason the Novation Xiosynth has come to my attention. I think there are very few left on the shelves. I sorted out my ticket on the coach for Birmingham on Monday. Jonthan is coming to this country and we might meet up on 13 October. Andrew K asked for some electronic sounds and I sent him a couple of possibilities;

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