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2011-09-29 - 11:34 a.m.

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Two new pieces at the top of the Widget above - A L & Nomore Blues. A testing jam last night at the Jazz Market. It was the rhythm section of the Sena 4tet plus the astomishing Dave Preston on his Gibson 356 and a piano player who I didnt know. I called the first tune - Autumn Leaves suggesting 8 bars in. The bass player dropped into the intro vamp from Something Else - implying that this wasnt going to music that was thrown together. Luckily I have been working on this tune and was playing Am for Gm on the Dhorn. I then called Corcovado - knowing the changes inside out. The piano player came on and called Solar - I looked at the changes on the bassplayer's I-phone and realised I had always used the wrong first chord. I had been thinking of calling this MD tune anyway. The piano player was nicely post-bop and I soloed in Em for Cm. A blues was suggested and DP asked me what heads I knew - I took the cowards way out suggesting Bag's Groove. The rhythm section kicked off at an absolutely terrifying rate - maybe towards 250bpm. DP did a lengthy and magnificent solo. I decided to stay in fingered Em and at that rate had to resort to all the Dhorns quirks and tricks to hold it together. At that point I decided it was time to catch the last train home. The was def the most challenging jam yet.

Discussions have started with Chaos Theory about the possibility of a GI-IC gig - they seem to like the RN material. I am listening to EBTG's Idlewild - very easy. It has been suggested that the Martyn/Thompson partnership is one of the greatest ever.

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