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2011-09-28 - 3:29 p.m.

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A busy couple of days. Three new pieces up on the Widget above. Gilbert is sending me MIDI parts - this is a new way of working - also the use of Bartok violin duos which Ettus has endorsed on FB. Yesterday afternoon/evening I was at Pembroke College Oxf for seminar and dinner during whichI was next to Magda the SKOPE admin who has a masters in linguists and comes from Warsaw - which was an extra pleasure The seminar was about HE and was confusing - the dinner was great as usual not least the port at the end. They were shooting some ITV tec show outside on the lawn - a spin off from Morse I believe. I caught the 10pm coach back to Heathrow by seconds. I have been pumping the article on European Manufacturing down all available channels - it seems to be working. I am finding out more tricks on Twitter.

I have been listening to LFM and the Bear. There is a channel where you can listen to a stream drawn from all your friends' libraries. HP have been advertising obliquely on LFM and to work this out I opened up the music software on the laptop. It emerges this is a free trial for a service which is 8.99 for ulimited downloads. So far I have been on my favourites - J Martyn albums I had never got round to buying, Walking Wounded by EBTG, the new PJ Harvey album. It s no good for jazz - a wierd offering on MD for example but I am tempted to take up the offer and cut back on buying CDs.

Today the Sundays' Static and Silence arrived which paradoxically is a nice thing to own - except no pic of Harriet. JM's Live at Leeds is a delight. Some tracks have P Kossoff doing great leads - from his last year. I have also listening to the Bird and the Bee who were on Bluenote. They are Pomo MOR - the lead singer is L George's daughter and the way she does some HallnOates tributes is v sexy in my view - Blondie de nos jours?

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